Leung Jan Kulo Pien San (Side Body) Wing Chun originates from Mok Bin a small village in Heshan province where Dr.Leung Jan retired after leaving Foshan.

Traditionally in Chinese culture the leading Kung Fu master of the village would teach the village youngsters in order that they would be able to protect their village from bandits and raiders who were prevalent at this time and would prey on the weaker villages. Like all styles of Kung Fu this teaching had two purposes, one was to provide a practical fighting system that would allow the youngsters to defend themselves and their loved ones. The second was to promote health in mind and body to allow the youngsters to live long lives. In addition, with the ability to deal out deadly techniques, there must be some responsibility so the Master much teach the youngsters to be mature, responsible people.

Leung Jan therefore taught a method of Wing Chun that was different from the stylized approach he had previously taught in Foshan. It was quick and easy to pick up being made up of separate techniques (San Sao). That the beginner could repeat to strengthen his body and use very quickly in a fighting situation. Yet there was a lot more to Leung Jan’s teaching than mere body movements. At a more advanced stage the student would realize that these San Sao encompassed all the under-lying principles that make up Wing Chun. Once this was realized the student would be able to apply them with ease to any situation including fighting with sticks, pole and knife.

Mok Bin Village

Leung Jan